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Illustration. Embroidery. Monsters.
Eldclaw Creative, Old Fort, NC 28762
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About Eldclaw


Eldclaw is the overarching collective that houses the artwork of Ari Brooks, an artist and creator from western North Carolina. It has seen many incarnations over the years, and now finally has come to rest here.

How I Work

As a multi-diciplined artist, I enjoy working closely with individual clients to create their vision - be that unique illustrations to accompany a story, adorning a piece of historical garb with authenticly recreated and researched embroidered trim, or setting up the perfect engagement photoshoot to surprise your fiance. No project is to big or small to be considered!

Illustration is the bread and butter of my artwork, and what I have done the longest. I cut my teeth at the North Carolina School of the Arts learning the ins and outs of sketching, painting, and the nuances of rendering form and space.
Embroidery is my most passionate "hobby" that has turned into something... a little more. I love historical embroidery, and teach classes in several techniques that even the beginner can grasp. I also offer my services to those that may want them.

What is there to say? I love monsters! Especially when I get to draw them for people! :)

Ari, the artist behind Eldclaw.
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